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I started using a simple ‘point & shoot’ film camera back in the late 1970’s and always wondered how to get better shots. By the early 1990’s SLR’s were affordable for many and I took a photography course as part of my computer science degree. But because this was still in the age of film much of the course work was devoted to developing and printing. Unfortunately, that meant composition often took a back seat to the practical aspects of getting images printed.

Then life went on and photography was largely forgotten.

But by the early 2000’s a lot had changed. I was married, had two children and digital photography was beginning to be accessible to the average person in the form of digital ‘point and shoot’ cameras. Remembering the desire I had for photography I jumped at the chance when DSLR’s finally become affordable in the mid 2000’s. Along with the availability of information via the internet I quickly learned all I could, filling in the gaps (and relearning what I’d forgotten) from my college class.

Today, I continue to learn all I can about digital photography. Portraits, roller derby, lifestyle, reenactment and even some product photography are all areas I continue to enjoy shooting.

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